Tuesday, November 3, 2015

An Article from the Basin Reboot

Zack was featured in an article from an online newspaper- The Basin Reboot-

Here is the link!
Cody's Millstone Brewer- Bringing Microbrews to the People

Pretty proud of how everything is going!

Friday, October 30, 2015

A Day in the Brewery

Zack Warner, Head Brewer, Millstone Brewery

This blog will be a glimpse into the processes and happenings in the brewery.

Zack has been brewing beer for 7 years.  He started out as a home brewer, doing small batches into bottles for friends and family.  He has learned most of his techniques from his father, Gary Warner- a 30+ year experienced home-brewer.  Many weekends were spent making beer within the small kitchen of his father's house in Meeteetse, as well as his own kitchen.  

He was brought on to the Millstone Crew as a part time brewer and because of the demand for great beer, he was offered the full time brewer position in August of 2015.  He took the position and has been working hard to make sure the restaurant has plenty of beer on tap!  This is his dream job, and he is happy to share a behind the scenes look at what he does!

Today Zack is working on a Citrus IPA, it is a brand new recipe, and there is a lot of excitement to try new beers within the small brewery.

And the process begins-

Next comes the mash.

Next is the SACCH' rest.
Time to Sparge and Mash Out:

And now it boils and the hops are added

Of course there is plenty to clean along the way-

Time to transfer through the plate chiller-

And the day comes to an end! Looking forward to the Citrus IPA! Coming to a Millstone Tap soon!